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V Madrone

Discover Your Style: Red Field Blend

Discover Your Style: Red Field Blend
Red Blend Series

Welcome to our exciting new wine series pulling wines from our two brands, allowing you to discover the different styles offered by AXR at V Madrone Vineyards. For centuries, European farmers have made blended sacramental and everyday wine by harvesting and fermenting whichever grapes were planted in their fields. Though uncommon, the tradition of making 'Field Blends' continues today in winemaking regions around the world. In Napa Valley, after the phylloxera louse struck in the 1880s and replanting was done, most of these heritage vineyards were predominantly planted to Zinfandel, with complementary but lesser-known varieties like Petite Sirah.

In this 'Discover Your Style Series', we have put two different 'field blend' wines in the same style to personally experience their similarities, but also taste and understand their different souls. We hope you enjoy as much as we do!

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